Playing It Forward

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Send us your impact story on how lacrosse is changing your team, your city, a player, and the game!

CityLax in NYC making an impact on inner-city schools by introducing the game of lacrosse….

Myles Jones hoping story of lacrosse success resonates with others


By Deron Snyder – The Washington Times – Wednesday, August 19, 2015. Myles Jones was a typical sixth-grade athlete on Long Island who played football and basketball year-round. When a friend’s father suggested that Jones should try lacrosse, the young lad was like: “What’s that?” [Click to continue reading at the]

Hot’lanta hot city ROSWELL has some amazing lacrosse players and teams!

Thank you Roswell High School Lacrosse Teams for being our original research and rhsstatechamps.001development test site of the Ballscratcher®. The actual “HOME OF THE REVOLUTIONARY LACROSSE BALL RESURFACER!” Taking your training to the next level. And….IT SHOWS! Also, a shoutout to the  2013 Georgia 6A Boys Lacrosse State Champs too, Centennial High School, another original Ballscratcher® R&D teammate & a hometown Roswell school! And for top club lacrosse programs, LB3 (Roswell Zip Code), has changed southern lacrosse expectations forever! Thanks for all your help! Is it the team, the coaches or the Ballscratcher®?

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