Make practice time more effective with the only lacrosse ball resurfacers that are Proven to Work, Built to Last! 

U.S. PATENT 9,802,290 B2

Hedgehog Lacrosse Introduces the Ballscratcher® 3.0

3.0 Ballscratcher Quick Change

The Ballscratcher® 3.0 improves on our 2.0 model with a stainless steel driveshaft and  Quick Change Disc that allows players, coaches, teams, and clubs to change the abrasive disc without tools in just a few minutes. Each Quick Change Disc abrasive set can resurface approximately 3000 lacrosse balls. Proven and tested-tough at top lacrosse clubs, high schools, and college teams throughout the country! Drill is not included.

Sanding Disc Pack for the Ballscratcher® 2.0

Includes: 1 Disc & Side-wall Abrasive Set and Instructions to change. Regrip ~3000 more balls! $20- shipping included. Takes about 15 minutes to change and get back to regripping your lacrosse balls again for practice!

Sanding Disc Pack for the Ballscratcher® 3.0

Includes: 1 Quick Change Disc & Side-wall Abrasive Set, and Instructions to quick change Disc-st to regrip ~3000 more balls! $25-shipping included. Change in minutes, no tools needed to get back to regripping your lacrosse balls again for practice!

2016 Disc-set Replacement.001



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Please Note: ONE Disc-set can resurface about 3000 balls before needing replacement.  We have worked hard at to make sure the unit performs as promised and meets your expectations!   The Ballscratcher has the Best Warranty and Satisfaction on the Market today!