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The Ballscratcher®is an exciting new, affordable innovation designed to make “Shiners”,”Greasers,” or slick, worn lacrosse balls a thing of the past. In as little as one minute, you can bring six to eight slick, worn balls back to playable condition by restoring that “grippy” feel you love with new balls.

The Ballscratcher®is not intended to replace NOCSAE certified game balls, but rather to allow a player to make the best use of practice balls by making them feel, pass, and shoot like new. Don’t throw them away after only a couple of weeks of play! Make practice time more effective!

*Power Drill is not included. Hedgehog recommends a 18v cordless drill for best operation. Inexpensive and easy to use! Can been found this holiday season for only $50 if you, your wife, husband, or parents don’t have one hanging around the house collecting dust. Please follow the drill’s manufacturer’s safety instructions.

•Only operate Hedghog’s The Ballscratcher®outdoors. Use on pavement or dry ground is recommended. 

•Operating The Ballscratcher®indoors may cause damage to floors and require a substantial cleanup from the ball residue created through operation of The Ballscratcher®

*Once the NOCSAE logo is no longer visible approximately 18″ away, we recommend discarding the balls, and replacing with next round of regulation game balls. Recycle!

Operating and Care Instructions: Operating The Ballscratcher®: 

1. Remove lid. Insert fingers into red latch on lid, pull fingers up and twist lid counterclockwise holding the red latch up. Do not remove the upper guide bracket attached to the underside of the lid. 

2. Insert up 5 to 8 balls in The Ballscratcher®. 

Note: Much of the resurfacing activity in The Ballscratcher® is initiated by the agitation of multiple balls reacting with each other. If only 1 or 2 balls are placed in the unit, there is a risk of uneven abrasion, creating a ball that is noticeably “out of round.” For best results, 5 – 8 balls should be resurfaced at a time.  Inserting more than recommended number of balls can result in balls becoming “pinned” and may result in damage to the unit, uneven abrasion, or flat spots. 

3. Replace Lid, making sure lid is firmly secured in place turning clockwise and latch locks. A clicking lock sound should be audible.

Important! The Ballscratcher® is designed only to operate properly and safely with the lid in place. Failure to operate the Ballscratcher® with the proper lid in place could result in damage to the Ballscratcher® as well as serious injury. 

4. Tighten drill chuck on the drive shaft protruding through the center hole in the lid. Once drill chuck is tightened securely, place the free hand or one foot on the top of the lid to hold unit firmly in place. 

Note: The Ballscratcher®is designed to work best with a cordless 3/8″ drill. A cordless 18v or 20v drill will work very well. Please use caution if using a corded 3/8″ drill, as most corded drills run at a much higher RPM rate than a cordless drill. If you are using a corded drill, be sure that the power cord is kept well clear of the rotating shaft, and operate at reduced speeds until you find the proper speed for optimum results. Single Speed corded drills are not recommended. 

5. IMPORTANT!!! Before operation, be sure that no loose clothing, hair, jewelry, shoe laces, pant cuff, or electrical cords are near the rotating shaft assembly! Allow drill to spin disc. No downward pressure is necessary on the drill and rod. Hold The Ballscratcher® by applying pressure to lid and bucket with your free hand or foot. Not to be operated wearing cleats or healed shoes, recommend flat rubber soled shoes. 

Grip drill securely, start drill, making sure to hold The Ballscratcher® firmly in place with foot or free hand while in operation. Depending on the condition of the balls being resurfaced, drill, and full battery charge, about 30 seconds should be sufficient for full resurfacing. Start at 30 seconds, test ball grip, repeat resurfacing 10-20 seconds. You will figure out your ball regrouping average. Note: Minimal down force is required during operation, and excessive down force may damage the abrasive element. Allow drill to spin the disc freely. Secure the unit with free hand or foot while operating.

6.  After 25-30 seconds of operation, stop drill, turn to loosen chuck, remove drill from shaft, making sure that the rotation of the unit has come to a complete stop. You will be able to tell that the balls are becoming grippier through increased agitation inside the unit. 

7. Remove lid, and remove the resurfaced balls from The Ballscratcher® container. Examine resurfaced balls to make sure all slick/ worn spots have been resurfaced. 

8. Repeat for 10-20 seconds if any slick spots are in evidence.

9. For best results, rinse resurfaced balls away from unit with water or damp rag, and allow to dry before using them in play.

Quick Tips

Keep balls stored inside garage or shed to prevent UV damage and temperature distortion of rubber. Rubber will harden over time in harsh conditions that effects bounce and re-texturing abilities. 

Dirt adheres to the ball’s surface while at the same time the field turf friction causes the ball useless in a few weeks of play. The unit does remove a minimum amount of blacken ingrained material on the surface of the ball (perhaps a few thousandths of an inch per resurfacing). Our recommendations with minimum resurfacing is solely for the purpose of bringing grip back of an otherwise unusable shiny uncontrollable ball while still falling within NOCSAE ball manufacturing standards.

With proper care, The Ballscratcher® will provide for several seasons, refurbishing thousands of balls. 

Adult supervision required. The Ballscratcher® is not a toy. Serious injury could result if used improperly. 

Keep all loose clothing, hair, jewelry, pant cuff, shoe lace and electrical cords clear of moving parts. 

Do not operate where dust accumulation is undesirable (i.e. the kitchen, office, living room or near computer) 

Minimal down force required when operating The Ballscratcher®. Excessive down force may damage the sanding element. Allow the drill to do all the work, spinning and scratching.

Keep unit dry. Do not store outside, as parts will rust if exposed to the elements. 

Balls should be clean and dry before inserting in The Ballscratcher®. Dirt, mud, water, and other debris will damage the unit and decrease the life and effectiveness of the resurfacing elements.

Dispose of ball dust properly. Ball dust will accumulate on the container’s walls and below the resurfacing element. Invert the Ballscratcher® and discard loose dust into a proper trash receptacle. DO NOT rinse with water.  Or place on ground, turn on side, and blow out at an angle with a leaf blower after dumping the majority of dirt and ball dust as suggest above.

BALL CARE: Balls left outside in the element will become stained, moldy and the rubber will harden more quickly. While you can bring back the surface texture, the Ballscratcher® may not remove all of the discoloration stains which have penetrated the surface, nor improve rubber composition. It is not about how it looks, but how it feels! Extend the life of practice balls. Store balls inside a protected storage unit to stay fresh longer. Care for your balls like the rest of your equipment.

For more information on current US Lacrosse standards, go to:

NOCSAE Lacrosse Ball Specs  &  USL Equipment Standards

 Have comments or suggestions? Please go to and click on the “Contact Us” link. We can only improve The Ballscratcher® with your feedback! 

ReGRIP It ‘n Rip It!

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