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Regrip and Recycle


The Hedgehog Concept

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins wrote, “The Hedgehog Concept is not a goal to be the best, it is an understanding of what you can be best at!” “Collins calls this “The Hedgehog Concept,” doing one thing and doing it well. In Good to Great, he uses the parable of the clever, devious fox and the simple hedgehog. The fox keeps coming up with new ideas to eat the hedgehog, but the hedgehog handily defeats him by doing his one trick” Smith, S.(2010, March) Do One Thing and Do It Well, Success Mag.

Hedgehog Lacrosse introduced The Ballscratcher® in 2012 and has been saving lacrosse balls, lax budgets, and the environment ever since.


Environmentally Conscious Design

Our patent pending Eco-Friendly lacrosse ball recycler is drill-operated (drill not included). We designed our practice lacrosse ball refurbisher with the idea that a majority of households have cordless drills.  Our design allows our unit to be portable, allowing coaches and players to collect and resurface slick balls at their fields before or after play. The Ballscratcher has no internal motor, meaning your unit is lightweight and never needs a wall outlet, and there are no parts to lose! Additionally, you won’t have to worry about motor failure from fine ball dust and dirt accumulating in the bottom of the bucket.

Name-brand 18v cordless drills can usually be found for about $50-$75.  We recommend using at least an 18v cordless drill to operate the unit.  Corded drills can be used as well, just read the instruction page regarding use with a corded drill.

While we fully anticipate your Ballscratcher® 2.0 and 3.0 will work reliably for thousands and thousands of balls,  should repair be needed, all parts can be easily replaced to continue your ball savings. The Ballscratcher® is Proven Tough and Built to Last! When comparing products, compare the warranties! Find our 1-year warranty information on our Terms & Conditions page, and don’t be fooled with expensive knockoffs or build-it-yourself imitations.  There is no substitute for The Ballscratcher®!

Resurfacing= Recycling = Savings

Stop throwing away your practice balls when they get slick!  Thousands of players, teams, clubs, and families are experienceing the savings!  Players, Coaches, Parents, Clubs, High Schools and College Programs are saving thousands of dollars by resurfacing  their lacrosse balls for practice! The Ballscratcher® works on NOCSAE and MLL lacrosse balls.  One local  high school saved over $1000 each season by resurfacing their game balls for practice, they had their Ballscratcher®  the past three years, meaning they put thousands of dollars back into their program and season 4 is approaching! CityLax Club in New York City has resurfaced over 3000+ balls in a single season and using a single sanding disc, translating to over $4000  back into their non-profit organization after the purchase of The Ballscratcher® & 3 cases of lacrosse ball! They changed their disc and added the Ballscratcher® 3.0 also to their program. A case of new balls(120) cost with shipping about $190. That is $1.59 per ball. This translates to over $5000 in practice ball savings by resurfacing lacrosse balls with The Ballscratcher® 2.0. That can be money put back into your wallets and your programs too!

Care for your LAX balls like the rest of your equipment!

Balls left outside in the elements will become stained, moldy and the rubber will harden and become brittle.  Balls hardened by prolonged exposure many never regain proper feel or bounce, so take care of them to extend their useful life for practice. It is all about the grippy feel of the balls. Resurfacing with the Ballscratcher®  takes about 30 seconds with 5-8 balls so you are just barely scratching the surface.

Store balls inside a protected storage unit to stay fresh longer and away from UV Light. The Ballscratcher® can keep resurfacing  the balls until the NOCSAE logo on the ball is no longer visible 18 inches away, about the average of 6 to 12 times.  At this point, we recommend discarding these balls after the NOCSAE logo is not visible and replacing them with next batch of your regulation game balls.

PLEASE NOTE: •Intended for practice balls only. •Discard balls when NOCSAE seal no longer visible and legible. •Not recommended to clean greaseless balls •For more information, go to http://nocsae.org/standards/lacrosse.

Help keep control of your passing and shooting. ReGrip and Recycle!
USLacrosse.org-2015-Equipment Standards for balls & NOCSAE-Ball Standards


All of our Lacrosse Ball Resurfacers are manufactured in the USA!

We would like to give a giant shout-out and salute to all of our Armed Forces! Thank you to all of the noble, brave men and women serving our country and the dedicated families who stand beside them!

US PATENT #9,802,290 B2

Saving Lacrosse Balls, LAX Budgets, and the Environment… All in ONE!