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Lacrosse Ball Resurfacer!

U.S PATENT 9,802,290 B2

  • Tired of spending up to $30 for a dozen lacrosse balls?
  • Have plenty of Slippery Lacrosse Balls you would like to use again?
  • Tired of trying methods to clean ball that don’t work?
  • Tired of seeing players throwing slick “Greasers” over the fence?
  • Tired of blowing your budget on balls that only stay grippy for a few weeks?
  • You can wash or bleach your lax balls, but that doesn’t  bring back the grip of a new ball!

Hedgehog Lacrosse introduces the most affordable, effective, portable, durable, and easy to use lacrosse ball resurfacing solution on the market today. Whether  playing on grass or turf, lacrosse balls lose their grippy feel within a few weeks.  The result?  A bag of “Greasers” or “Shiners” that none of the players want to use.


 Same Ball…BIG Difference!

The Ballscratcher® brings back the grippy feel of lacrosse balls and extends their usable practice life. It’s a must-have for every team, program, player and family! Take your training to the next level and practice with grippy balls again and again and again!

From top to bottom, the balls in your practice bucket will feel and perform like grippy new balls. No more blaming a bad pass or shot on a Greaser! See what all the lacrosse players and coaches are talking about to save money and make practice time more productive!

The Ballscratcher®


  • Will resurface up  to 8 balls in about 30 seconds.
  • Can regrip about 3000 lacrosse balls before changing the disc set!
  • Ready to go right out of the box to start regripping.  No assembly, no internal  motor, and no parts to lose!
  • Saving families $100’s & teams $1000’s in ball costs!
  • Hedgehog Lacrosse offers the best warranty and satisfaction on the market!

Proven to Work, Built to Last!

U.S PATENT 9,802,290 B2


Hedgehog Lacrosse introduces our Easy to Use, Affordable, Adaptable, Dependable, Sturdy….

Tired of struggling to move lacrosse goals?
Worried about tearing up the sod, turf or expensive goals?
Concerned about the danger of young players carrying the nets across the field?

  • Easily and safely move Lax goals over any surface, any distance, by a single adult!
  •  Attaches and detaches in seconds!
  • Universal Fit  Works on any type of goal!
  • Built to last!
  • Compact- Easy to store!